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A fickle prospect – Business dependent on the Social Flocking collective!

April 27, 2011


Whilst I would not take things as far as Gene Rodenberry’s ‘The Borg’ we are already witnessing online ‘flocking’ behaviours that represent more than an instinctive reflex response. MySpace, BeBo, Friends Reunited and many before and many to come fall into the category of transitive services. Like a veritable telegraph line that may be populated […]

Open Source Software – Misguided fervour?

April 19, 2011


Open Source Software (OSS) is a debate championed by the many who never evolve beyond the self-manifested state of being the a beneficiary of what is perceived as free software (a fundamentally flawed assumption), versus the few (very few) who actually actively utilise the open code nature at the core of the ‘Open’ prefix in […]