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Microsoft Mobile, is the time nigh?

October 29, 2015


Despite continued delays in the roll-out of Window 10 Mobile to existing Windows Mobile devices and Windows Mobile users being treated like second class Microsoft citizens when it comes to apps, Microsoft may be at last onto a winner with the help of their new Window 10 single platform strategy. Well some would say about […]

Safe Harbour and the age of the Digital Maginot Line.

October 8, 2015


The online forums and commentary have been hot in debate following the 50 Calibre class head shot taken by the Safe Harbour agreement, R.I.P . Many now conceding it was mortally wounded on its inaugural outing but stoically staggered in ‘forlorn hope’ in the face of a duplicitous adversary. Looking around, everyone is ducking and diving, seeking the […]

EU Data Protection Event Horizon as Safe Harbour with US is ruled INVALID

October 6, 2015


Further to my earlier missive on the subject ‘European Safe Harbour Fig Leaf falls’ the European Court of Justice  (ECJ) ruling has now confirmed that ‘Safe Harbour’  is INVALID. For the full ruling please see the Court of Justice of the European Union Press Release No 117/15 . What this means for your organisation IF […]