How to secure your digital transformation projects after lockdown

August 28, 2020


Under lockdown, businesses have realised new efficiencies by quickly adopting cloud-based technologies to support remote working. As a result, the acceleration of digital transformation projects is showing no signs of slowing down when the restrictions are lifted. According to NCC Group research of hundreds of cyber security decision makers, remote working, cloud and digital transformation […]

Chairmans takeaways from GISEC 2019

April 15, 2019


NRG Presenting at GISEC 2019

Reflecting on a mind warp of a week chairing GISEC 2019 (The Gulf Information Security Conference & Exhibition) now the 3rd largest InfoSec conference globally, I have come to expect nothing less than thought provoking takeaways. It was a pleasure to represent NCC Group at the centre of the event and present on the 3rd […]

Clouds Changing Customer Dynamics

December 15, 2018


A reflection on the dramatic changing face of the household names in the FTSE and Fortune 250 index’s is not easily dismissed. Replaced by new businesses that in some cases did not exist 15 years ago. This is no aberration, it is a reflection of a changing of the guard driven by a rapidly evolving […]

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Are you Digitally Transforming or Just Optimising

October 14, 2018


Why do some brands resonate with a shock and awe vitality in our digital economy where others seem to just fizzle a bit? Perhaps the answer is as simple as some are truly committing to a new modus operandi to tap the opportunities from the digital economy where as others are just fiddling under the […]

Why Cyber Security is the New Operating Model

December 18, 2017


With 95% of businesses in some form of digital transformation (Forbes Insights – How to Win at Digital Transformation), and according to Gartner, 90% of these are leveraging Cloud computing. With cloud computing underpinning much of this transformation the frequently stated biggest concern is SECURITY. It is not an accident that Cloud Computing is driving […]

Digital Transformation or Digital Vortex

October 7, 2017


You know that the world has changed fundamentally with the digital hyper-connectivity of our now ‘Networked’ society. A change that has and continues to challenge traditional business models, markets and thinking, so you have done the logical thing and commenced the Digital Transformation of your business. So far so good, you think. But there is […]

Apple remains shameless in their wanton ‘Planned Obsolescence’ agenda

July 7, 2017


May of those sitting in front of overpriced Apple devices represent a unique audience of the dammed, dammed by their own myopic almost dogmatic passion and pride in a brand. It’s a severe case of Emperors clothes, where Apple once a leader is now a laggard. Apple is now bloated on its own success having […]

National Security comes in many forms, not always obvious at first glance

June 23, 2017


Security comes in many shapes and sizes. The risk to security that concerns me today is the laughing stock of the democratic world our UK media is fostering and appears to be completely oblivious to the dangerous divisions it is forging and national credibility it is undermining. This comes at a time the United Kingdom […]

Economics Driven Cybersecurity – A Cybersecurity winning formulae

June 12, 2017


Economics driven Cybersecurity is the ruthless application of business economics and operational priorities in confronting Cybersecurity risks. Step 1 – Keep the main thing the main thing. Step 2 – Command the risks that could stop you keeping the main thing from being the main thing. The rest is distraction. If you must ask the […]

The Gulf Information Security Conference (GISEC) 2017 – Chairman’s Insights

May 29, 2017


There are some places in the world where you know things will be extra ordinary and superlative in execution and experience. Dubai leads the pack on this in much that it does and once again proved a benchmark and did not disappoint with its Gulf Information Security Exhibition and Conference (GISEC). GISEC is the pre-eminent […]