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Security roadblock to the Cloud; Un-wrapped

February 28, 2011


The biggest barrier to adoption of Cloud Computing methodologies being thrown at me by customers and the industry itself is currently Security. It is like some magic wand. Mention the word security and it is like throwing up a Berlin wall, a line in the sand more like it that should not be crossed. When […]

HyperV – An own Goal for Developers on Windows7

February 22, 2011


For the champion of the partner channel, with an ecosystem that is the envy of the market, the most ardent supporter showering resources and asset on its dedicated and committed developer community, it comes as a surprise that Microsoft of all people seems to be inadvertently driving its Partners and developers to competing virtualisation products. […]

Softly Softly – It’s all in the Interface!

February 14, 2011


Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions versus the more familiar hard skills or education, experience and level of expertise, that tend to be the principle ‘gauges’ in the technology sector. From experience as an employer and working across a number of organisations I would suggest employers are prioritising candidates with more […]

A Single Identity but multiple facets

February 3, 2011


Anyone who has been online for any period of time will resonate with the reality that online identities are a complex issue, and on a more practical level a nightmare to manage and moderate. Who out there actually knows what data they have disclosed to whom and who is retaining and leveraging their data for […]