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Telco plays fast and loose with Customer Login data

January 31, 2014


My desk had the mornings pile of junk mail on it, opened by my PA, which off the back of a late Burns night entertaining customers got short shrift as I cascaded them into the waste paper recycling bin by my desk. My mind still working at getting itself clear of the nights excesses, grateful I […]

BitCoin, a fig-leaf of a Digital Currency

January 20, 2014


BitCoin, synonymous with Digital or ‘Virtual’ Money. On the one hand a regrettable state of affairs since BitCoin is so fundamentally constrained by its architecture that it risks tarnishing the potential of Digital Money, but on the other it is serving as the Poster Boy stimulating awareness to a broader spectrum of users. Digital Money […]

SharePoint 2013 Apps – Inspirational

January 11, 2014


SharePoint 2013 Apps, what’s new, we had them in SharePoint 2010 didn’t we? Yes, and a lot has changed, but then again for those with a significant investment in SharePoint 2010 nothing you should have to worry about. Let me explain… Your investment in SharePoint 2010’s full or partial trust sandbox app models will still […]

When it comes to PC’s 2013 says it takes two to Tango.

January 5, 2014


2013 was a year that resounded with harbingers postulating the demise of tech (the PC being the whipping boy) and the rise of tech (fondle’slabs with Apple iPad leading the charge predictably) as never before in a totally compromised digital ecosystem, the latter point coming as no surprise to those in the security industry and […]