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Windows Live Essentials 2011 – Downgrade for Live Mesh beta users BEWARE

September 29, 2010


Well I am always a glutton for new Microsoft toys, and as a champion of the Cloud with the advent of Windows Live Essentials 2011 I was upgrading and ripping out my Live Mesh beta set-up, especially after a few positive Tweets from known Microsoft’ies who I will take this up with when I next […]

The Last Mile in the Cloud

September 27, 2010


No not a Hollywood film about convicts!I refer to the term given in the UK to the ‘hop’ from the Telecoms Exchange to the Business/Residential premises of the consumer as ‘The Last Mile’. It is where much of the Broadband service degradation occurs and represents a barrier to a complete Broadband service. It will be concluded […]

Cloud driving change in the IT Department & Profession – But no FIX!

September 24, 2010


The fusing of ICT with business economic delivery models is challenging the future of the IT profession. The IT department will change beyond all recognition faster and more fundamentally that many appreciate. The British Computer Society (BCS) Debate at the turn of the year confirmed this point; this is not just a blogger going feral, […]

A new age of ‘Openness’

September 23, 2010


… and just in time, if reading the EU Digital Agenda and recent briefings given to members of Jesús Villasante’s team (Head of Unit European Commission – DG INFSO D3). Headline – Microsoft Releases New OSS Tools for Windows Azure Cloud Computing continues to break the traditional mould as vendors increase the ‘Openness’ of their platforms. […]

Dangers from Hyping ‘The Cloud’

September 21, 2010


The Cloud is without doubt an opportunity to IT companies and Vendor Channels, whether you believe the figures from Garner, Forrester, IDC etc or not, there is an economic shift in favour of Cloud Computing and a market shift happening demanding the slipstreaming of this model of engagement and delivery into your business. The ‘how’ […]

The Economic Potential from Cloud Computing

September 20, 2010


The EU Digital Agenda mentions Cloud Computing ONCE (Clause 2.5.1), but anyone familiar with the concept will not be fooled in to believing that it is a bit player.  I would expect that Cloud Computing will become a demanding factor in all that the Digital Agenda embraces.  Cloud Computing is a marketing term. A very […]