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Digital Transformation or Digital Vortex

October 7, 2017


You know that the world has changed fundamentally with the digital hyper-connectivity of our now ‘Networked’ society. A change that has and continues to challenge traditional business models, markets and thinking, so you have done the logical thing and commenced the Digital Transformation of your business. So far so good, you think. But there is […]

Apple remains shameless in their wanton ‘Planned Obsolescence’ agenda

July 7, 2017


May of those sitting in front of overpriced Apple devices represent a unique audience of the dammed, dammed by their own myopic almost dogmatic passion and pride in a brand. It’s a severe case of Emperors clothes, where Apple once a leader is now a laggard. Apple is now bloated on its own success having […]

Cyber Insurance – Let the dance begin

May 23, 2016


No imagination needed, as HM Government and Marsh (leading broker and insurance advisor) report lays out starkly,  ‘UK cyber security: the role of insurance in managing and mitigating the risk’, on the current big thing in Insurance for the London markets, no not lunch! The Cyber Insurance market opportunity and how this could see Lloyds of London as […]

Breaking the Law – 80% of biggest 100 Law firms Hacked

April 5, 2016


It was only a matter of time before Legal Practices followed Hospitals and Public Sector organisations to hit the headlines and join the ranks of the great humbled. The frightening thing being that this is not the end of the journey but just a taste of what is still to come across many other professions […]

Gulf Information Security Conference 2016 Insights

April 3, 2016


If one lesson has been drummed home from my position as Chairman this year of the Gulf Information Security Exhibition & Conference (GISEC 2016) it is that NO company or individual is alone in their defence against Cyber threats and shared insights. Everyone is impacted. Furthermore, in a trusted environment, the sharing of experience, guidance […]

The Gulf Information Security Conference 2016 – Chairman’s Statements

April 3, 2016


The following is a summary of the notes from the opening and closing statements for this year’s GISEC 2016 Conference. For more on the insights from the conference please see the separate report – ‘Gulf Information Security Exhibition & Conference 2016 Insights’. Conference Opening Welcome to GISEC 2016, the Gulf Preeminent Information Security Conference. As […]

Gulf Enterprise Mobility Conference 2016 Insights

April 3, 2016


The original intention was to do two full reports from my perspective of Chairman this year for the Gulf Information Security Exhibition & Conference (GISEC 2016) and the Gulf Enterprise Mobility Exhibition & Conference (GEMEC 2016), so it will come as no surprise to anyone active in these spaces to hear that the Enterprise Mobility […]

Microsoft Mobile, is the time nigh?

October 29, 2015


Despite continued delays in the roll-out of Window 10 Mobile to existing Windows Mobile devices and Windows Mobile users being treated like second class Microsoft citizens when it comes to apps, Microsoft may be at last onto a winner with the help of their new Window 10 single platform strategy. Well some would say about […]

‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), Convenience or Calamity?

June 3, 2015


Fertile ground is the musing of men, and no less so a recent splendid evening exercising thoughts on the Internet of Things (IoT) as the technology wave sweeping across our digital landscape. The inter-networking, connecting and digitisation of everything around us, the automating, remoting, outsourcing and self-managing of things as diverse as: Refrigerators ordering product […]

When the going get’s tough call a Microsoft Partner

April 28, 2015


Microsoft often gets a hard time for its security and the confidence customers can have in its product. Recent comments in the press around the benefits of Open Source as a more secure and transparent option misses a critical component in the debate and evaluation criteria – Partnership and Structure. In my experience proprietary software […]