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Security & Privacy Compromises – Time to show some respect!

December 28, 2010


Security is a term that was waved in my face almost every time I entered into a discussion on Cloud Computing with clients or vendors when reflecting on the passage of this year. Unfinished business to be taken into a new year 2011. Security sensitivities kindled into a blaze by the persistent percolation of data […]

PayPal a standard bearer for the class of Out of Control online Service?

December 16, 2010


PayPal (Owned by eBay) is symptomatic of the Achilles heel of online commercial ventures today that leave users in distressed states of helplessness. An innocent trust given in good faith by a user is not reflected back by the service provider, in fact it is abused and taken advantage of. Don’t get me wrong, PayPal […]

Windows Mobile 7 or is it Version 1.5?

December 9, 2010


Anyone in the Microsoft Partner space engaging clients will have almost certainly had an opinion or question put to them in some shape or form that will be asking the underlying – What do you think of Windows Mobile 7? I have dodged and ducked this question and juggled the hot potatoes of persistence from […]