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Windows 8 To Go Workspace Creation Guide

November 24, 2012


The following guide will allow you to configure a USB device that is Windows 8 To Go ‘Ready’. This guide is designed for users who are not yet running Windows 8, and whilst it can be followed if you are running Windows 8 IF you have Windows 8 Enterprise then a much simpler option is […]

Windows 8 Desktop Prioritisation Guide

November 20, 2012


As promised a guide to how you priorities the boot order to your conventional Windows desktop and return certain critical efficiency assets most notably the Start menu. Remembering that we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater so the following maintains 100% the Windows Modern UI in all its tiling glory. You […]

Microsoft Partner Network Refresh ALERT!

November 19, 2012


Welcome to Monday morning, as if there will not be enough on a Microsoft Partners agenda with all the exciting new technology coming out of the Microsoft warehouses, without having to worry about housekeeping issues. With the great wave of innovation coming out of Redmond comes some tweaks to the Partner Competencies that ALL Microsoft […]

Microsoft leave the Control Freekery for the Fruitcakes

November 18, 2012


Demonstrating unwavering leadership, whether driven by necessity or not, Steve Ballmer has created a unique window of opportunity to redress some issues with Windows 8 reception into the marketplace. Steven Sinofsky President, Windows Division has gone from headline grabbing darling to departed Conspiracy theorists abound need little imagination as to why. As a Microsoft Partner […]

Social Media Corporatocracy – Self-Regulate or Be Damned

November 17, 2012


My earlier Blog on the subject ‘Social Media – Accountability’ made for some heated debate in a post event drinks session championed by a defensive cadre of the twitterati advocating the freedom of speech argument. An old chestnut I empathise with, but see it as a worn out defence. My view being it is time the Social […]

Windows 8 – ‘Virtually’ a Painless Transition

November 14, 2012


The advertising will have you believe it is the advent of a brave new world with the (not quiet all new) Windows 8 Operating System, the biggest change in desktop ‘Yardy, yady, ya’…. What follows is by no means exhaustive in detail, and assume a modest degree of comfort configuring PC’s. There are more detailed tutorials covering many […]

Social Media – Accountability

November 12, 2012


All things are relative and as with the moral and ethical maturity of our traditional media industry so to the time has come for the maturing of the feral online social media environment – Facebook and Twitter namely the most proclaimed setting an example for the plethora of aspiring smaller social media platforms. Riches takes […]

Windows 8 Client Hyper-V – Why SLAT?

November 8, 2012


A question getting asked within the Microsoft Developer community is looking for clarity as to why the server and workstation (Windows 8) system requirements to run Microsoft’s virtualisation environment, Hyper-V, differ. With the release of Windows 8 developers and enthusiasts now have at their disposal a REAL virtualisation platform built into the Workstation Operating System. […]

Windows 8 RT – Engage Removable Storage

November 2, 2012


Further to my earlier blog on Windows 8 RT / Microsoft Surface ‘Windows 8 RT – iPad Killer?‘ herewith as promised a step guide to making the Windows 8 RT storage expansion options available in the default ‘Libraries’ view of the Windows Modern UI (Metro) apps. This addresses a frustration that it was not possible to […]