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Cyber Breach Responsibility

February 10, 2017


So, you have woken up to the reality that it is only a matter of time before your organisation will have to handle a Cyber Breach event and asking who should be responsible? According to a Deloitte’s Cyber Risk report only 27% of the UK’s largest businesses can put their hands up to having a […]

EU GDPR mandates the Risk Impact Assessment the new norm for all organisations

January 30, 2017


Although security of personal data has always been a legal obligation for organisations, with the new EU GDPR (General data Protection Regulations) coming into force on the 25th May 2018, it reinforces the legal obligations both in substance and context on the data controllers, extending at the same time responsibility directly to data processors while […]

Cyber Hygiene – A modern dilemma

September 22, 2016


The faster we move the sicker we get. As we see in our offline world so we are experiencing in our new Cyber realms and digital hyper-connected social network societies. I postulate that IoT (Internet of Things) is as virulent and as terminal as HIV in our digital lives. IoT = D-HIV variant IoT, is a technology […]

Protecting Client Engagements from Cyber Threats

April 11, 2016


Leading on from my last post, so what should Law Firms or any professional service organisation for that matter such as financial advisor, accountant or bank, be doing now they are finding themselves under the Cyber Security microscope following the ‘Panama Papers’ expose? With no exceptions senior partners and key stakeholders should be demanding clear […]

Gulf Enterprise Mobility Conference 2016 Insights

April 3, 2016


The original intention was to do two full reports from my perspective of Chairman this year for the Gulf Information Security Exhibition & Conference (GISEC 2016) and the Gulf Enterprise Mobility Exhibition & Conference (GEMEC 2016), so it will come as no surprise to anyone active in these spaces to hear that the Enterprise Mobility […]

Caveat Emptor Internet of Things (IoT)

November 6, 2015


Further on the IoT (Internet of Things) theme I first wrote about back in June – ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), Convenience or Calamity?’ ‘FBI Issues Alert on the Security of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices’. Welcomed news until you move past the headline. The guidance that unfolds recommends that responsibility for security should rest with […]

Microsoft doing the Scroogle

August 28, 2015


With the advent of Windows 10, we have seen the pushing of this OS as a FREE upgrade onto consumer PC’s (those running legit Windows v7 or 8), as well as many small and medium business user systems. This has had the side effect of kicking off flurries of enquiries and concerns over what is […]