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An end to Social Media’s privacy compromises.

December 28, 2013


As predicted, and I suspect hindsight would see the point being an obvious inevitable, Facebook’s star is continuing to dim. I doubt heading for any supernova event of total elimination, one can but hope, but a gradual decline in the Social Media psyche, ‘Facebook losing teen users to Snapchat, Twitter’. Despite the $ BILLIONS and […]

Modern Journalism – Ready, Set, Panic.

December 21, 2013


The recent ‘The global wine drought that never was’ saga highlights the continued trend for headline skinning, sensationalism that drives so much disinformation in our internet and always on information age. A curse of our digital age and its flow of information, or veritable flood, is the losing of oneself into the system itself. Of becoming just […]

A victory for users or legitimising digital enslavement!

December 18, 2013


There is no question the surveillance revelations from the Snowden affair has transformed views of privacy online and challenged the future freedoms of the Internet. ‘Tim Berners-Lee and Oxfam call on nations such as the UK to practice what they preach on internet freedom’. In the face of acquisitions of data compromises it has sent […]

Ivory Towers of ignorance … Insurers blank cheques!

December 15, 2013


“The criminals are geniuses, they are absolutely brilliant,” said one industry figure, from the wealth management financial sector. Source: ‘Cyber criminals steal millions via wealth managers’ This is the most deceptive of statements, a classic magician’s trick better known as misdirection. A form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on […]

If Microsoft Made cars …..

December 5, 2013


As the continued parade of prospective new CEO’s to the largest IT company on earth adorn our news feeds I was reminded during a recent chat with a friend at Microsoft of a debate we had back in February over how Microsoft can best make the transition to a Cloud Service company, during which I […]