A fickle prospect – Business dependent on the Social Flocking collective!

Posted on April 27, 2011


Whilst I would not take things as far as Gene Rodenberry’s ‘The Borg’ we are already witnessing online ‘flocking’ behaviours that represent more than an instinctive reflex response.

MySpace, BeBo, Friends Reunited and many before and many to come fall into the category of transitive services. Like a veritable telegraph line that may be populated by a flock of birds one moment and then empty the next!

Facebook is frantically trying to re-invent itself and generate revenue models to sustain a market capitalisation. In its current state I would not expect Facebook to last much beyond the next online social milestone, where ever that comes from. After all no one saw Twitter or Facebook coming till it arrived! MySpace’s is a sad shadow of itself since Facebook, so what of Facebook’s future in a not too dissimilar space?

Whilst venturing into these realms of the fickle internet user a recent visit to Moscow brought me in touch with Yandex .  All I can say is watch out Google if these guys turn their sights on anything outside of their home territory, which is already HUGE!

It does not stop there, we sit in ignorant bliss in the west but there may just be an Easter tsunami lead by Japanese online retailer Rakuten that plans to take on eBay and Amazon according to Bloomberg ‘Rakuten Weighs Europe Deals to Challenge EBay With Japan Recipe’

When the social flock’s fancy changes it will like its namesake up off its wire to take up roost on its new perch. Crank up your media player of choice let the musical chairs begin 😉