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When the going get’s tough call a Microsoft Partner

April 28, 2015


Microsoft often gets a hard time for its security and the confidence customers can have in its product. Recent comments in the press around the benefits of Open Source as a more secure and transparent option misses a critical component in the debate and evaluation criteria – Partnership and Structure. In my experience proprietary software […]

Microsoft OneDrive, What’s in a name?

February 19, 2014


‘Microsoft launches OneDrive globally, with some freebies’. More on the freebie ‘Microsoft to give 100GB free OneDrive storage to early birds’. So it’s out with a big fanfare and more obfuscation for the humble consumer and business user alike as they get their heads around a name change and a few new bells and whistles […]

SharePoint 2013 Apps – Inspirational

January 11, 2014


SharePoint 2013 Apps, what’s new, we had them in SharePoint 2010 didn’t we? Yes, and a lot has changed, but then again for those with a significant investment in SharePoint 2010 nothing you should have to worry about. Let me explain… Your investment in SharePoint 2010’s full or partial trust sandbox app models will still […]

The Dark Side of Data Encryption – Ransomware

September 13, 2013


Those of you who have heard me speak and read my earlier articles on the subject of Data Security ‘Data Security – It’s in the Name!‘ will know my advocacy of encryption as the realistic future for data protection. But following the recent Cryptolocker outbreak of Ransomeware I feel it prudent to highlight the challenge […]

All Change @ Microsoft

June 5, 2013


Opportunity knocks, a refresh at Microsoft, or so Steve Bulmer hopes –‘Microsoft Plans Dramatic Re-Organization’ Take 2? As I think I have read this one before over a year ago ‘Executive changes at Microsoft likely’. Well we can but hope this time things will happen as the time is very ripe for Microsoft to go […]

Microsoft SharePoint – ‘Configure managed accounts’ ERROR?

March 7, 2012


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 comes with many great features and evolved functionality which just works. It’s great! Does what it says on the Tin and provides a platform for mass application and process integration across Enterprises. There are a few flies though in the ointment. Apart from the Central Administration navigation and menu’s that appear […]