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All Change @ Microsoft

June 5, 2013


Opportunity knocks, a refresh at Microsoft, or so Steve Bulmer hopes –‘Microsoft Plans Dramatic Re-Organization’ Take 2? As I think I have read this one before over a year ago ‘Executive changes at Microsoft likely’. Well we can but hope this time things will happen as the time is very ripe for Microsoft to go […]

Security 365 – Toilet Paper & Tea bags!

April 19, 2013


OK the title got you this far, so what has Toilet Paper and Tea bags got to do with Security? There is a genuine point to it, please read on ….. Following a recent Cloud Computing event I found myself increasingly alarmed by the prevalence of red herrings being thrown around by vendors with respect […]

Data Security – It’s in the Name!

December 20, 2012


I have just come out of my last meeting before Christmas in which security has been forefront (again) on both business and IT principles minds, and tongues… The bizarre thing is that despite the obvious, the prevalence of IT security systems protect the ‘Environment Boundary’ in which data resides or is transmitted, whilst understandable form […]

Windows 8, Microsoft Account & Skype – A Tsunami of support in the making!

October 31, 2012


With the launch of Windows 8 Microsoft has laid out its house for increased adoption of what is now known as the ‘Microsoft Account’, formerly known as Live ID/Hotmail ID/ Passport amongst others. Like many I have always been fastidious about keeping my Business and Private online existence separate. As such dual Microsoft Accounts have […]

Windows 8 Tablet ‘Surface’ – Rumbles in the Partner Ecosystem Jungle

June 19, 2012


The Microsoft Partner Ecosystem is the envy of the IT industry, and an example to any business trying to build channel to market. It is unique as marketing and customer facing engine and a force for good fostering business development and growth especially across the Small Medium enterprise sector. Here in the UK for example […]

Microsoft Office 365 – Public Folder Crisis!

April 30, 2012


So you have seen the light and enjoying the spread of joined up Enterprise systems that for many SME’s (Small Medium Enterprise) Companies was till Microsoft Office 365 arrived a pipe dream, not just in cost terms but configuration and management. For those without any legacy Microsoft Exchange positions this is a no brainer. BUT […]

Guide – Advanced eMail Routing in Microsoft Office 365

April 4, 2012


For many organisations the use of additional email handling services for compliance (metadata cleansing or advanced archiving) or simply cosmetics (adding email stationary) is a requirement. This How-To provides a quick heads up and signpost to resources that will I hope answer many of your questions. Also available as a PDF download at – ‘NRG […]

Microsoft Office365 – Sharing at its heart

February 22, 2012


Sharing in Microsoft Office365 is not restricted to users registered in your Office365 profile. Through Microsoft SharePoint Online it is possible to invite external users into your collaborative workspaces and extend your teams securely. Most importantly this can be done at NO extra charge, or at least for the first 50 external users. Microsoft provides […]