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A Game of Trust

August 11, 2015


Microsoft is trying a bit to hard and missing the fundamentals on winning trust. We have had the parade of Windows 10 privacy default setting faux pas that persist in the face of Microsoft senior executive statements to the contrary, an abbreviated list of such issues: Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do – […]

Microsoft Cloud Support Goldmine is its Partners

July 14, 2015


Exciting news Microsoft has stirred, and with it a subtle shift may be taking place, one that for both end users of its cloud services and its dedicated Partners could see the transformation of its Cloud Service support. Microsoft has announced it will be working with Rackspace – ‘Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure’. To date […]

When the going get’s tough call a Microsoft Partner

April 28, 2015


Microsoft often gets a hard time for its security and the confidence customers can have in its product. Recent comments in the press around the benefits of Open Source as a more secure and transparent option misses a critical component in the debate and evaluation criteria – Partnership and Structure. In my experience proprietary software […]

Cloud Vendors – Great Power, Much Responsibility

April 18, 2014


Headlines abound as the race to the bottom continues in the price wars that is benefiting Cloud Computing users but challenging the 3 principles in Cloud Computing – Microsoft, Amazon as clear leaders with the rapidly maturing but still lagging Google – as they struggle with a new class of business model economics that can […]

Windows 8.1 Update 1 – Are you serious!

March 12, 2014


Having now had the Windows 8.1 Update 1 installed since it was inadvertently leaked last week I can only hope that the version leaked is a Beta, a work in progress, in fact a VERY early work in progress if not Alpha. Headlining the attention Microsoft was giving to this Update was the meant to […]

Cloud Success means ‘Hearts and Minds’ Microsoft

February 22, 2014


The success potential in the cloud for Microsoft was laid down many years ago, well before cloud was even on the horizon, a unique differentiator that no Amazon or Google can challenge …. Yet. What I am talking about are customer ‘Relationships’ and the trust that those relationships has fostered, especially in the Corporate and […]

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) in a Modern World

February 20, 2014


If you are in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem you will be familiar with this time of year, it’s that mad scramble to tick the box’s to ensure your continued membership is renewed ad critically at your chosen level of Certification – Gold or Silver being the two classes of real value. Some of you will […]