The EU threat to British Liberty

Posted on April 27, 2016


Material to any journey is the destination and most of you reading this would appreciably feel uncomfortable and exposed in the passenger seat on a journey of deception. The majority of the people in the UK aware of the true direction of travel in Europe represent such a passenger on a European journey that risks never returning them to the liberty of their own home.

Whilst the debate on the United Kingdom’s European Membership draws us down into subjective minutia, the fundamental truth of the in/out referendum requires citizens of the UK to critically raise their eyes to the direction of travel this will determine for them. The two options in the EU referendum represent a fork in the road, not some cosy multilane highway we can negotiate some special UK lane to them wander in and out of the other lane at will. To continue the metaphor, the traffic will be merged and the other drivers will not tolerate lane jumpers and the police will be in waiting. Remaining in the EU commits the citizens of the UK to a clearly stated EU agenda for its member states, frighteningly echoing much in a bygone soviet regime, a federalism where UK interests are not proportionally represented and diffusion into a European identity under the Federal flag of Europe. Whereas exiting Europe is a commitment to the British identity, returning a self-determination and greater freedom of opportunity than is available under EU governance, under the flag of the United Kingdom. Take a drive around the London’s European member states embassies and the truth is blowing in the wind, as the flag of Europe takes equal precedent, mandated alongside member states national identities. This symbolism is more than just aesthetic festive ‘bunting’, it is the EU stamping its claim on others national sovereign territory. Any practitioner of Symbolic Anthropology or, more broadly, symbolic and interpretive anthropology, will interpret this as significantly insightful to the direction of travel of the associated society. A cuckoo in a nest.

The truth is visible in more than flag waving. The EU’s total rejection of the idea of sovereign member nations is laid out in black and white plain text for anyone to read consistent with the language used in the EU’s principle Treaty on European Union referred to as ‘The Maastricht Treaty’. This goes back to the founding fathers of the European ‘project’ and chilling put in a statement attributed to Jean Monnet one of the founding fathers of the EU that removes any vestiges of ambiguity in the intent behind whatever is said or done by any EU official or regional Government, politician or citizen who champions EU membership:

‘Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.’

Having spent time over the years in Brussels, I have spoken at the European Parliament, lobbied MEP’s, advised Director Generals, Commissioners and their Cabinets and looked them all in the eye, I can attest first hand that I see nothing but truth in the words attributed to Jean Monnet. To believe anything else is truly blind faith.

What is most worrying and little grasped by many is the EU direction of travel will revert to a dedicated one-way street with NO exit ramps when the EU gets its way over a final transfer of political power under a EU constitution. They have attempted this once and it was re-buffed, but one thing that the EU architects have demonstrated is their perseverance in getting their own way as demonstrated by the various EU institutions continue to be created that seems the EU reversing into a constitution in all but name. The implications of this are enormous for UK citizens as it goes beyond the centralisation of political power, it means giving up on fundamental freedoms, the end of the British constitution. For a EU constitution will impose a EU view of freedom on UK citizens who currently are freeborn from the moment of birth, free to do anything unless the law prohibits. The EU’s direction of travel will strip this away and permit that only stipulated by law. The worrying fact is that many UK politicians who have a duty to protect the liberties of its citizens are actually championing its erosion and passage into oppressive government and rule also referred to as tyranny in defiance of the British Constitution. If you balk at that for being an extremist view, then ask yourself what you would call a political system that is:

  1. Not electable
  2. Not accountable
  3. Cannot be dismissed

For those are corner stones of the EU Government laid out in the drafts of the EU Constitution.

It is essential to reflect on the calculated deception and duplicity UK citizens have been subjected to since becoming part of the European project. A good starting place is to reflect on the journey so far and consider if the destination remains as expected. Eatch this – ‘URGENT MESSAGE to All British People.

In any other societal context what type of person would subject themselves to such divisive manipulation and commit their children to a next generation Soviet state?

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