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Windows 8 Client Hyper-V – Why SLAT?

November 8, 2012


A question getting asked within the Microsoft Developer community is looking for clarity as to why the server and workstation (Windows 8) system requirements to run Microsoft’s virtualisation environment, Hyper-V, differ. With the release of Windows 8 developers and enthusiasts now have at their disposal a REAL virtualisation platform built into the Workstation Operating System. […]

Windows 8 RT – Engage Removable Storage

November 2, 2012


Further to my earlier blog on Windows 8 RT / Microsoft Surface ‘Windows 8 RT – iPad Killer?‘ herewith as promised a step guide to making the Windows 8 RT storage expansion options available in the default ‘Libraries’ view of the Windows Modern UI (Metro) apps. This addresses a frustration that it was not possible to […]

Windows 8, Microsoft Account & Skype – A Tsunami of support in the making!

October 31, 2012


With the launch of Windows 8 Microsoft has laid out its house for increased adoption of what is now known as the ‘Microsoft Account’, formerly known as Live ID/Hotmail ID/ Passport amongst others. Like many I have always been fastidious about keeping my Business and Private online existence separate. As such dual Microsoft Accounts have […]

Windows 8 – ‘Boot’ to basics

September 20, 2012


As promised in my last blog ‘A Desktop Demotion‘ a note to cover a much demanded subject to address questions I have been getting from all quarters such as: How can I boot to a desktop in Windows 8? Can I get the Start button back? Do I have to use the ‘metro’ interface? The […]

Windows 8 – A desktop demotion?

August 20, 2012


Having road testing the Developer and the Customer preview I have been reserving comment on the new user experience till I could qualify against the Gold Code which I have now been running since it has been released to Partners. I have been testing on the Samsung Series 7 Tablet, which is perhaps the best […]

Windows 8 Tablet ‘Surface’ – Rumbles in the Partner Ecosystem Jungle

June 19, 2012


The Microsoft Partner Ecosystem is the envy of the IT industry, and an example to any business trying to build channel to market. It is unique as marketing and customer facing engine and a force for good fostering business development and growth especially across the Small Medium enterprise sector. Here in the UK for example […]

Windows RT – The new Windows OS

June 14, 2012


Windows RT, Microsoft Windows isn’t it? Well yes, but not as you know it. Recent the press have played up the Google and Mozilla anti compete haranguing of Microsoft, despite regulatory authorities in the US and Europe paying little more than lip services to the complaints. All part of the game of brinkmanship as these […]

Windows 8 – Premature aging!

September 28, 2011


Windows 8, well at least they have not tried to go all marketeee’s on us with another ‘Vista’ nomenclature. That having been said there are far too many similarities to Vista’s early on-ramp messaging for comfort. For those of you who remember the Vista pre-launch marketing and launch events you will recall the predominance of […]