Setting the Right Example – A European Context

Posted on June 14, 2011


A question that was posed by all the MEP’s I last week in Brussels during the IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) leadership Summit was – How can we stimulate the innovative entrepreneurialism that is witnessed in the USA?

Well there are many micro issue’s some of which were addressed when I last spoke at the Parliament see my earlier blog titled A Debate – ‘How to Encourage Innovative SME’s in ICT’?

But at a macro level, could it be as simple as the examples that are being set by our EU political masters manifested in the psych of graduates and the workforce in general across Europe?

The Economic problems across Europe are complex but in that complexity is an underlying condition, a lack of fundamental solvency in member states that is being manifested in a lack of liquidity in the form of an inability to meet their obligations. An inability to pay interest on their loans, an inability to honour their debts, a threat to the integrity of the Euro and European economic stability.

The response to support those indebted members has been to pump money through emergency loans into their economies. An injection of liquidity that helps them pay the bills …. until the next time! It does not address the primary problem the structural fiscal solvency of these members. Without an underlying economic health, they will continue to manifest the symptoms of a sick economy.

As any Doctor will attest, in their training failure to treat the primary cause of a disorder is poor medicine; it is symptomatic treatment.

Treating the symptoms of the Greek economic insolvency is unsustainable. It risks a contagion that other economies will feel they too can survive on what is little more than life support; or rather the health of the more disciplined.

But you know this don’t you? This is not news, it is the actions of a stateless governing entity, the EU, taking advantage of a situation to further the great European Experiment. By addicting member states to the EU financial support mechanisms at the cost of control over their own economies we are all being manipulated into a flawed centralised economic regime that is little more than an imperfect proposed implementation of collectivist principles.

As with the banks in the current recession, intervention through central government financial support encourages moral hazard. Inadvertently for some we are sleep walking into a form of socialism through the erosion of one of the fundamental tenants of capitalism. Banks should never be too big to go bust, and countries should reap the economic harvest they sow, or empower future generations with the wisdom that can only be gained from surviving on the bitter fruits of their follies in a responsible, accountable and honourable way. Setting an example for the individuals, communicating a strong message of expectation, that every entity must take responsibility for the consequences of their own actions.

Would such a responsible social attitude, built on the foundations of examples set by our political masters, require the existence of a Human Rights Act (European Convention on Human Rights)? Or is this just another subversive form of socialist intervention ……..

For now we must survive on the bitter fruits of its dictate, till sanity prevails, oh haste the dawning wisdom for the sake of our and our children’s freedoms as individuals nurturing the very motivation to innovate.