The ‘Insider Threat’ – A Wetware issue

October 4, 2016


Insider Threat

If it was not for users ……. Everyone in the Cyber and IT Security world has heard this one and many besides. Hardware, Software and the Wetware, that’s us, fallible humans if you had not guessed. Roll the drums, security training / cultural of security and no end of buzz words start rolling to champion […]

Cyber Hygiene – A modern dilemma

September 22, 2016



The faster we move the sicker we get. As we see in our offline world so we are experiencing in our new Cyber realms and digital hyper-connected social network societies. I postulate that IoT (Internet of Things) is as virulent and as terminal as HIV in our digital lives. IoT = D-HIV variant IoT, is a technology […]

Cyber Security, the New Business Operational Model

August 19, 2016


Cyber Security - The new Operating Model

The future of Global economics lies in tapping and harnessing the hyper-connected networks of our digital lives. It is only when businesses and society starts linking up do they fully realise the potential and the value of their untapped data assets and privacy. In today’s digital society, how do you know who you can really […]

Cyber Security & EU GDPR implications for SME’s

July 22, 2016



200 days to discover a breach and 80 days to deal with it are the average response times for IT security breaches. Data, corporate intellectual property or customer data is the target of the threat actors, at a cost to business on average of $200/customer record according to the Ponemom Institute with IBM ‘Data Breach […]

General Data Protection Regulation – The Digital Honeymoon is over

June 20, 2016



For many businesses life will meander on regardless as they wander in blissful ignorance of the changing regulatory digital landscape around them. If recent surveys such as the ‘Dell Survey‘ on the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is anything to go by, an overwhelming majority of UK businesses need to wake up […]

Cyber Insurance – Let the dance begin

May 23, 2016


cyber insurance

No imagination needed, as HM Government and Marsh (leading broker and insurance advisor) report lays out starkly,  ‘UK cyber security: the role of insurance in managing and mitigating the risk’, on the current big thing in Insurance for the London markets, no not lunch! The Cyber Insurance market opportunity and how this could see Lloyds of London as […]

The EU threat to British Liberty

April 27, 2016



Material to any journey is the destination and most of you reading this would appreciably feel uncomfortable and exposed in the passenger seat on a journey of deception. The majority of the people in the UK aware of the true direction of travel in Europe represent such a passenger on a European journey that risks never […]

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