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Cyber Security & EU GDPR implications for SME’s

July 22, 2016


200 days to discover a breach and 80 days to deal with it are the average response times for IT security breaches. Data, corporate intellectual property or customer data is the target of the threat actors, at a cost to business on average of $200/customer record according to the Ponemom Institute with IBM ‘Data Breach […]

General Data Protection Regulation – The Digital Honeymoon is over

June 20, 2016


For many businesses life will meander on regardless as they wander in blissful ignorance of the changing regulatory digital landscape around them. If recent surveys such as the ‘Dell Survey‘ on the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is anything to go by, an overwhelming majority of UK businesses need to wake up […]

The EU threat to British Liberty

April 27, 2016


Material to any journey is the destination and most of you reading this would appreciably feel uncomfortable and exposed in the passenger seat on a journey of deception. The majority of the people in the UK aware of the true direction of travel in Europe represent such a passenger on a European journey that risks never […]

Land, Sea, Air and Space …. Now Cyber

April 19, 2016


Heads up board members of whatever size of organisation, public or private, academic or charity, you are at war. Not in a break out the guns and start marching down the street, or taking to the seas air or space. No we pay our taxes for that and our armed forces provide that cover across […]

Protecting Client Engagements from Cyber Threats

April 11, 2016


Leading on from my last post, so what should Law Firms or any professional service organisation for that matter such as financial advisor, accountant or bank, be doing now they are finding themselves under the Cyber Security microscope following the ‘Panama Papers’ expose? With no exceptions senior partners and key stakeholders should be demanding clear […]

Breaking the Law – 80% of biggest 100 Law firms Hacked

April 5, 2016


It was only a matter of time before Legal Practices followed Hospitals and Public Sector organisations to hit the headlines and join the ranks of the great humbled. The frightening thing being that this is not the end of the journey but just a taste of what is still to come across many other professions […]

Gulf Information Security Conference 2016 Insights

April 3, 2016


If one lesson has been drummed home from my position as Chairman this year of the Gulf Information Security Exhibition & Conference (GISEC 2016) it is that NO company or individual is alone in their defence against Cyber threats and shared insights. Everyone is impacted. Furthermore, in a trusted environment, the sharing of experience, guidance […]

The Gulf Information Security Conference 2016 – Chairman’s Statements

April 3, 2016


The following is a summary of the notes from the opening and closing statements for this year’s GISEC 2016 Conference. For more on the insights from the conference please see the separate report – ‘Gulf Information Security Exhibition & Conference 2016 Insights’. Conference Opening Welcome to GISEC 2016, the Gulf Preeminent Information Security Conference. As […]

Gulf Enterprise Mobility Conference 2016 Insights

April 3, 2016


The original intention was to do two full reports from my perspective of Chairman this year for the Gulf Information Security Exhibition & Conference (GISEC 2016) and the Gulf Enterprise Mobility Exhibition & Conference (GEMEC 2016), so it will come as no surprise to anyone active in these spaces to hear that the Enterprise Mobility […]

The EU is the UK’s Greatest Risk for Generations to come

February 21, 2016


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ― Plato ― Listening to the exchanges on the UK’s national security position ‘should the UK leave the European Union (EU)’ , the commentary has been cringe worthy and embarrassing […]