Is the EU UK’s greatest National Security Exposure?

Posted on January 9, 2016


Does the UK’s greatest national Security exposure come from its subservience to the European Union? If viewed in biological terms it would appear the UK’s national immune system is being compromised, undermined and stripped away into a dependency state over which it has little control let alone self-determination, rendered exposed.

More precisely the continued erosion of our sovereign powers, self-regulation, defence and national identity. Crystallised by the current terrorist threat from the ISIS stimulated tsunami of immigrants both physically and economically. If it were not for the EU, the wave of humanity that is being held back by the English Channel would be swamping our green and pleasant lands in a deluge that would make the Cumbrian floods look like a summer splash.

In the paraphrased words of ungrateful asylum seeker’s bayed out during the recent Cologne riots ‘What are you complaining about, Angela Merkel invited us’.  This open invitation is laying waste to the principles of safety and security on the streets of Germany the most powerful state in Europe, relegating its cultural norm of respect and equality between the sexes to the gutter. As women in parts of Germany are now subjected to the terrors of the pernicious distortion of reality being championed by ISIS.

The UK can only hope that having never committed to the Schengen Agreement the same flood of disrespectful humanity can be controlled. See the BBC article – Controversial EU free movement deal explained’. The worry still remains that the UK’s freedom to exercise controls to restrict the abuse of a generous welfare system is demonstrably being influenced by Europe’s unelected bureaucrats, and this is just one of many areas of traditional UK life now orchestrated from Brussels. All possible as a result of years of creeping European regulation that has slowly stripped away our own self-determination and undermined our sovereignty with little real tangible benefits when the cost of the UK contribution is weighed in the balance. Where two world wars failed, a divisively manipulated UK referendum on EU membership in 1975 succeeded in commencing the stealthy invasion of the UK.

The worst of it is, the UK seems to be sleep walking into a repeat of the same folly! In the run up to the 1975 referendum, Wilson and Callaghan exercised road trips around Europe negotiating the UK’s position in the then Common market. Sound familiar, reflect on what Cameron has been doing over the last few months. Wilson returned waving paper in hand reporting to the Cabinet that they had ‘substantially achieved our objectives’. We are likely to get a similar reality distortion from Cameron. Just reflect on a few points from Wilson who led the country to believe:

  1. It was ‘under the political direction of the Governments of member states’
  2.  ‘the cohesion of Western Europe might well be disrupted if the UK were to leave the EEC (European Economic Community)’,
  3. ‘the Community was not now developing in a federalist direction’

In the light of the times one can understand the general faith the UK population and newspapers would innocently in their inexperience have had in the absence of the subsequent 40 years’ experience we now have. Forty (40) years that has shown that Wilson’s government was either deluded or lied to the UK population and took advantage of a situation to run an unbalanced campaign in favour of Europe.

To take the three persuasive points from Wilson’s cabinet minutes with the benefit of hindsight:

  1. Completely untrue, and it would be foolish to think that the UK Government of the time were ignorant to the point of not seeing this.
  2. 50 year old scare tactics that William Hague has re-worked in his recent press release stating ‘it would be a bad days work’ if we caused the breakup of the EU. The UK needs to look to its own interest first and the EU is big enough to look after itself. It is beneath a respectable businessman to sacrifice his company for the competition’s best interests, but clearly not a Politician when it comes to his country. ‘William Hague’s EU-turn is a baffling betrayal’ .
  3. Europe is federalist in all but name, and the direction is undisputed, the very ‘F’ word having been used by leading European politicians openly.

The 1975 referendum was the top of a slippery slope for the UK and our pending referendum on Europe by the end of 2017 is our last chance saloon to get off the federalist conveyor belt.

The UK is a powerful nation that has been prostituted by its own politicians for both party political and self-aggrandising causes. In some cases, as with Tony Blair so blatantly sycophantic. We now have Cameron confronted with his own political interests in his concern for his own party’s future, who will not confront the Federal European reality everyone else can see in bold neon lights. After all David Cameron is a self-styled EU champion, ‘EU should extend further into former Soviet Union, says David Cameron’, and risk to the UK getting a balanced debate on continued European Union membership which would impose continued integration and devolution of our national and sovereign interests. As in 1975 we cannot expect the BBC to balance opinion as it represents a manipulated view fostered by its own distorted political and social bias.

It would be ungracious to ignore that there are valid arguments on both sides of the UK EU debate, few are conclusive in favour of staying. For all the plus points that get made they peel back the lid on a veritable can of worms of heavyweight negatives. The great European experiment is an undemocratic state of affairs that the ordinary EU voter has no influence whatsoever over in terms of legislation, or over who should be in an EU “government”:

  • Candidates for Commission President and top Commissioners are mostly chosen from the internal pool of the unelected and unaccountable Brussels’ bureaucracy.
  • The EU Parliament has no right whatsoever to name any Commission candidates, this is reserved for the European Council (heads of the member governments) as the sole institution which has the power to propose nominees.
  • MEP’s (Members of the European Parliament) and the parliament itself as a collective can only “suggest” laws which the Council/Commission might consider or not.

See a full detail of the EU structure.

A further damming FACT is that most EU Commissioners are a mixture of:

  1. Failed politicians in their respective countries
  2. Never done any worthwhile activity outside politics or quangos organizations.
  3. Individuals never having been elected to public office by their own citizens.

That does not mean that the individuals are not doing their honest best, but then when you think that there are no proper checks and balances in the power structure of the Brussels machinery voters are unlikely to gets ight or sound of incompetence out of the closed EU bureaucracy. Even if that was the case no Commissioner or bureaucrat can be removed, short of him/her committing a serious crime, and certainly not by voters dissatisfied by his/her performance.

Take for example any corporate entity in any of the member nations not filing their audited company accounts. They would be subject to fines and if they do not address their non-compliance they would be dissolved. Not so in the EU which has failed to get its accounts audited for so long, over 2 decades, it has become a standing joke. Just see the BBC article dated 2007. Yes, yes the bureaucrats have some creative arguments to roll out in their own defense, sadly many of which point to their own incompetence, pointing fingers at recipients of EU funding who break the rules. It would be funny if it wasn’t such a reality.

Then there is the Strasbourg and Brussels parliaments. TWO parliaments costing hundreds of millions of Euro’s which they hop between to pacify key member states. It is embarrassing to be part of such a façade. ‘EU parliament lavishes €114m a year on moving from Brussels to Strasbourg’.

The litany of burden on the UK from the EU goes on:

Is it any wonder then that our Budget for our own armed forces and self-protection has had to be slashed? Driving a suspicious dependency on fellow EU members, to the point where the UK is relegated to such draconian action as to consider sharing an aircraft carrier with France! One of the proudest sea fairest nations with a historic of naval supremacy, the UK is relegated to a time share arrangement for its Navy. Giving the unelected bureaucrats the perfect case, of their own manufacture, to argue for an EU defense force.

The Concept of an EU defense force sits alongside the political, foreign ministry and economic unification that is so cherished by the EU architects. The EU architects keeping the actual shape and control mechanism shrouded, but the mask may well have slipped with the advent of the EU Broder Force. The EU Commission has announced the proposal to establish a European Border and Coast Guard. This is giving the European Union executive the power to send forces unbidden into member states, the most blatant compromise of sovereign territory and powers to date by an increasingly brazen EU.

The very apathy of European voters to the federal state of affairs they are sleepwalking into is frightening. The reality is that Europe needs the UK to break its ties into nothing more than a trading relationship. The European experiment requires a sober wake up call. History will show that the UK will be thanked by the other member nations for a much needed sobering up.

The UK needs a boost to its national immune system badly before it breaks down completely into a deficit system. Some would say we are there already. Urgent action includes:

  • Exiting the EU experiment. The treatment is not conducive to a health and safe future.
  • Revitalizing the UK’s proud and united National Identity through better migration control and integration, eliminating the magnets of access to welfare and healthcare. Championing our Christian heritage, cultural cordiality and native language as a bastion of a civilized society. Instead of trying to airlift democracy into other independent sovereign states in US style interventionism, instead to lead by example.
  • Bolstering a much neglected and maligned Army and Navy, forging a modern self-determined defense force.

The sooner the UK breaks free of the shackles and forges its own path in a Global market building on its traditional alliances, the Commonwealth being one of the largest economic entities in the world, the better. The UK has a brighter economic position outside the European experiment than many of the businesses leaders wheeled out by the pro-European lobby would have us believe. Just look at the balance sheets of the pro-European companies and add up the EU payments they receive, then judge who speaks with ‘Fork Tongue’.

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